Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Recent wildlife: October 2009

Posted October 2009

Living so close to an area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB), I am fortunate to get over to the forest several times a week. This past 2 weeks has been the fallow deer's main rutting time, so have been so lucky to see stags fairly close up and hear their bellows all over the Chase, carried on the wind. I really was quite an amazing experience. I wasn't fortunate enough to see 2 stags lock antlers, but I did manage to get up close to a couple of fairly calm & majestic beasts, beautiful beasts mind you! I also tried my hand at a bit of briding, but to be fair, my 70-210 lens is not fast enough unless I am shooting in brilliant sunshine.

Great tit

Great tit 2.

Blue tit


Deer, fox & the odd squirrel!:

I literally stumbled across a rather sorry looking stag, poor fellow had 1 antler, was missing an eye and had a very obvious limp. I think the rut has been hard on him :( My eldest boy decided he wanted to name him, so introducing Monty, the 1 antlered, I eyed wonder!

Been in the wars?

The one antlered wonder

Young stag in the quarry


The stag, the hind & the squirrel (looks closely on the tree closest to the stag!)
The stag, the hind & the squirrel

Fantastic Mr Fox


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