Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Once again, it has been a while! Oct 2009

Posted Oct 2009

I know, I'm bad! It doesn't help that for the life if me, I can't remember my password even when I do remember I have a blog.

Right, I do believe I updated last up to my OU course and JJ being in hospital.

I still have some pics to share from around that time, none of Jamie admittedly, hospitals are VERY funny about you having a camera with you. I'm lucky I didn't get my camera confiscated at one point and surprised I was allowed to take pics on the grounds themselves (insert HUGE roll eyes here).

In no order, there is one of Connor around his birthday, a couple of Zack and I think 1 of Zack & Connor together




Biggest brother


After Jamie got out of hospital, we did loads of things, starting with Going to the Zoo for his birthday, then spending a day at Shugborough, followed by camping. Will post photo's of each of those seperately.


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