Friday, 20 August 2010

13th-20th August Portraits

A larger version of one from the rainy days story board


A masterpiece in the making? 225/365

Messing with my wireless remote over the weekend.





Something about this one reminds me of Olan Mills! LOL!

13th-20th August

Homegrown stuff!

Homegrown cucumber

Nature stuff:



Lots of story boards!

So, this weeks 365 theme on ILP is sequence/story board. I was crazy enough to decide I would do a storyboard every day for a week. I think I have done well, it's Friday today and I have managed 6 of 6 days so far! Yay, go me!

So here they are:

Sunday dinner

Caramel & Biscuit

Magic is having sons


Beauty of nature

No Evil Wall-E

Friday, 13 August 2010

My little man - 21 months!

I am reeling, I can hardly believe he will be 2 in 3 months time. It has gone so fast.... too fast. However, he is such a character, so funny and chatty, I couldn't imagine life without him, no matter how difficult he makes my days, lol!

So, to mark this moment in his life, I have spent a few days taking shots of just him. The first set were taken on a pleasant evening earlier this week. The older boys were inside playing a video game with their Dad, leaving Zack & I to play, lol! The "rainy days" collage / storyboard, was taken yesterday. Zack & I don't get a lot of one 2 one time with homeschooling the older 2. Thursdays they go to the MIL's and Zack & I spend some quality bonding time together.... alone! Yesterday mornings weather was vile, but it presented a perfect opportunity for puddle jumping!


Garden Fun

Rainy days

Some wildlife, some life size, some macro!

So after a pretty unenthusiastic July, I am trying to get myself re-motivated. I enjoy wildlife photography as I can leave the kids at home with dh and just relax, so I thought I would spend some time, getting back to nature. I am also really enjoying my macro converter.

This sweet little fox (I know, I know, not everyone thinks they are!) got into a territorial scrap while I was there. The next shot I got of it showed a nasty bite wound to the eye and bite marks on the face :(

Fox: 215/365


Wasp - 220/365


July 2010 - the month my mojo went missing!

LOL! July was a hard month. I didn't really feel like getting my camera out, but forced myself to carry on taking at least 1 - usually crappy - shot a day for my 365 project. I did get a few shots that I really liked though

Unfocused - 187/365


Seeing stars - 189/365

Flames - 195/365

For Katie - 196/365

Ria's tree on a summer evening (197/365)


How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Stylin' boy! 210/365


Camping - July 2010

We booked a very last minute camping trip the weekend of 10-12th July. We went to Shropshire, near Church Stretton.

Making a new friend

The boys at Stipperstones, shropshire

Driving over Long Mynd

Long Mynd - 191/365

So angelic! - 192/365

Attingham Park

Attingham Park