Tuesday, 6 July 2010

A few of my fellow Flickrmeet members

Thankfully, some of the members have expressed they they don't mind people seeing their images, which I am pleased about as I thought I had some great shots. I will refrain from posting names to protect their identities.

Do you think we stood out amongst the crowds?

Boys and their toys!



Santa's Brother


The gorgeous F




Tried something slightly artistic!

Faye on her way home

Shugborough Hall - Flickrmeet 3rd July

Waiting to greet us and tell us about the no flash photography rule. I hate pop up flash anyway, lol!

My mind to your mind.....


Table in the library

Once finished with the main house, we waited outside for the rest of the group to catch up. We spent ages people watching (and commenting on some fashion faux pas) when the bride & bridesmaids arrived. I was quite a long way away, so these are large crops, hencde not the best quality. It made me realise that wedding photography is not for me, lol! It would be fine if I could spend the whole day taking candid shots.



Servants quarters:

Puppet shop


Back outside. Fountain in the gardens

Spotted the Bride & Groom as they came out of the house for photos. This wasn't the official kiss, but I couldn't help myself! He looks a little aloof if you ask me. Won't give my opinion on whether this marriage will last ;)


1st week of July 2010

Finally managed to catch a fawn hiding in plain sight and one with it's mother. They are probably only about 2 or 3 weeks old.

I admit I was really annoyed to miss the focus on the fawn in the grass. I was wearing my contact lenses and the diopeter in the camera is adjusted to my eye without glasses or contacts. Grrrr! Still, you get the idea. I almost walked right past him/her. If it hadn't flicked it's ear, I would have missed it.

Look who I nearly missed on my wak back to the car! 182/365

Anyone who knows me well knows I am all for breastfeeding!

2nd July saw me take delivery of my "new" second hand speedlight/flashgun. I was running out of time to take a shot for my 365 project and I had been wanting to try to recreate a shot I saw a friend do.

On Saturday 3rd July the members of my local flickrmeet team met up at Shugborough Hall. However, as much as I have some shots I love from the meet, I have to respect the privacy of the members, many of whom have requested that the images remain for our eyes only. I do have this one shot.


I will post the photos from Shugborough in it's own post, especially as I took some candid shots of a wedding that was happening (which I bet cost a small fortune - it put my wedding to shame, lol!)

On Sunday we went to the allotment and came home with 5lb of food!

Just a small portion of what we brought home


These carrots were like this when I thinned them out. Suggestions for a name include Carrot Cuddles and Twisted Tenderness

Twisted tenderness or Carrot cuddles...you decide!  184/365

Yesterday saw me experimenting with olive oil in water.

Oil in water - 185/365

The rest of June 2010

Just a mish mash of stuff from the last 10 days of the month

Nature's suncatchers - 170/365


Born to be wild

Hubby & I taken on my camera phone at the Chase Keane concert

Hubby & I




copy cat challenge

180/365 - circumzenithal arc

The boys and I were sat on the ground about 10 meters away

Mad, bad & dangerous to know!