Tuesday, 6 July 2010

1st week of July 2010

Finally managed to catch a fawn hiding in plain sight and one with it's mother. They are probably only about 2 or 3 weeks old.

I admit I was really annoyed to miss the focus on the fawn in the grass. I was wearing my contact lenses and the diopeter in the camera is adjusted to my eye without glasses or contacts. Grrrr! Still, you get the idea. I almost walked right past him/her. If it hadn't flicked it's ear, I would have missed it.

Look who I nearly missed on my wak back to the car! 182/365

Anyone who knows me well knows I am all for breastfeeding!

2nd July saw me take delivery of my "new" second hand speedlight/flashgun. I was running out of time to take a shot for my 365 project and I had been wanting to try to recreate a shot I saw a friend do.

On Saturday 3rd July the members of my local flickrmeet team met up at Shugborough Hall. However, as much as I have some shots I love from the meet, I have to respect the privacy of the members, many of whom have requested that the images remain for our eyes only. I do have this one shot.


I will post the photos from Shugborough in it's own post, especially as I took some candid shots of a wedding that was happening (which I bet cost a small fortune - it put my wedding to shame, lol!)

On Sunday we went to the allotment and came home with 5lb of food!

Just a small portion of what we brought home


These carrots were like this when I thinned them out. Suggestions for a name include Carrot Cuddles and Twisted Tenderness

Twisted tenderness or Carrot cuddles...you decide!  184/365

Yesterday saw me experimenting with olive oil in water.

Oil in water - 185/365


Barbara said...

Kerry I am so glad you have a blog so I can see more of your images. I love the deer, seeing the countryside of England, the flickr get together, the veggies.

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