Thursday, 20 October 2011

3 year anniversary

I haven't used this blog for ages as I set up a new one that I hope to use when I go fully into business. However, as this is an anniversary post, I really don't want to put it on my other blog as I want people to think I was always at the point I am at now, lol!

My anniversary was technically in June which is when I got my 1st decent camera or August when I joined ILP. I did a 2 year anniversary post last year and rather than rehash it all, I will link to it.

Right, so that post left us off on a family photo I took on 13th June 2010 - my 32nd birthday, exactly 2 years after getting a bridge camera for my 30th birthday.

So summer 2010 went something like this:

J's 6th birthday

Taking part in some copycat challenges on ILP
copy cat challenge


I did some storyboards
Garden Fun

Rainy days

Magic is having sons

I attempted mixing on board flash and natural light

And to see the funny side of things!
When shoots go bad

September saw me trying new things. First a composite

I got some soft boxes

Then in October I had my first proper shoot that wasn't my own family.

November saw my baby turn 2 and I tried to remember to take some less posed shots

I really wanted a nice portrait of him for his birthday but being 2, he was having none of it. in the end I set everything up and gave him the remote, lol!
Zack....... by Zack! 326/365

My 1st shot of 2011 was a new family portrait. This was taken using a tripod and a wireless remote and lots and lots of out-takes!

The start of the year also sees a couple of self portraits

This is one of Zack's creations, see the remote in his hand!
Does my baby look big in this vignette?

I've never been good at backlighting and haze, so gave it another go.... adding the movement of the swing just added to the challenge, lol! (Feb 11)
Child of the 70's?

March was a busy month for me. I got this shot of my eldest while getting in some last minute studio light practice

I went to my very first photography related show at the NEC called focus on imaging. Basically it seemed like I'd died and gone to photographic heaven. They had some models demonstrating the various lighting set ups.

I also experimented with a grunge type processing

I also had 2 more portrait shoots, one for a band, the other for a model portfolio. The portfolio worked as L has had a fair few jobs in music videos!



I also had my 1st commercial shoot. I was so nervous but I must have done ok as I have done further work for the company.

April was another busy month, the weather for the UK was fantastic, so I took the boys out lots and never went without my camera!

I really stuggled with the processing of this one, the colours were HARD!
DSC_7088edit 3

A rare shot of all my kids together!

I went on a "walkabout" arranged by a photographer that I really admire. The models were fab and the location was amazing


In May ds1 turned 10!

In June ds2 turned 7!

I also went on a photography course through groupon. However my confidence took a knock when the guy running the course told me that my "problem" was that I had no emotional connection in my photography.
DSC_9734 copyBW

So I spent the rest of the month photographing for myself
DSC_9388 copy 3


I tried my hand at stranger candids

I also went on a second walkabout, this time with all male models (yum!)

poker storyboard

In July we sold our house, so I was mostly busy with that but managed to fit in a shoot for fun and a repeat commercial job (2 locations)




Which pretty much brings me to this month after having been busy with moving house and all that comes with it. The latest portraits that I did were school photos of my older 2 boys.



Phew! I've had a busy 18 months since my last anniversary!

Monday, 28 February 2011

February 2011 - Wildlife, Nature & Miscellaneous



Ria's tree

My furbabies!

Dirty boy!