Friday, 30 April 2010

All things heart

I have spent a bit of time over the last few days thinking of things that I could photograph that depicted hearts and heart shapes. I am hoping to get some printed and display them, alongside other works and the Children's "Art for Heart" exhibition/competition. I wish I could show some of my Wall-E work, I'm sure the kids would love it, but I know it's copyrighted.

My favourite! Guess it's because it combines 2 of my favourite things, photography & tea!


These next 2 shots I am thinking of doing again, 1 in pink, 1 in blue.

Minstrels. Couldn't re-shoot this as I kind of ate the prop, pmsl!

My least favourite. I am going to try it again and try and make sure I get the shaped bokeh the right way up, lol!

Beautiful sunset, 28th April

Panoramic sunset

I got a macro shot of this ladybird resting, the sunset can be seen in it's wing.


Trip to Birmingham, 26th April

On Monday, my middle boy had an appointment at the Children's Hospital in the afternoon. In the end i decided to take all the boys and treat them to a morning at the sea life centre. With such poor lighting and having to use high ISO and slow shutter speeds, it's not surprising that none of these shots are very sharp.


Sea Turtle

After lunch in Brindley Place. I promise I was holding his reins!

Brindley place, Birmingham

A very proud Mummy moment!!


Sunday, 25 April 2010


Yesterday we spent a good portion of the day at our allotment, which is a stones throw from the swag end of Chasewater. When it came to the little ones naps time, I plonked him in his pushcahir and we went for a wonder.

Continuing on the theme of lost things...

A day of lost things...part 3

The main lake has had to be drained for vital repair work to the dam wall. I found this growing on what was the lake bed

New life at the bottom of Chasewater

Beautiful mummy to be, she has a clutch of 6 eggs in her nest. Fingers crossed the yobbo's don't trash her nest this year.

I had been told that there were red deer in the area, but had never seen them until yesterday.

'Scuse me.. am I boring you?

Last of the mohicans

Came across this sweet little one on the way back to the car

Early morning on the Chase - for a change!

As the little one had me up at 5.30am, I decided to get up and see what all the fuss is about early mornings. Yep, it was beautiful, yep, it was quiet, there was the added bonus of the fact that all my kids were still tucked up in bed. Apart from the sunrise, I didn't really see much in the way of wildlife but made some other interesting finds, including some lost things, lol!



Blue tit

A day of lost things... part 1

A day of lost things... part 2

Another beautiful day

spent on the Chase. Somehow it never gets boring, more like trying now that Zack wants to walk!

If you go down to the woods today....

Went back with just Zack in the evening. Saw this curios little vixen. She stands out with her pink nose. Shame I couldn't get a closer shot of her

Came out of thew woods just in time to catch another stunning sunset

We checked out the car parks to find these waiting for us, nobody else was there. The deer are not far off being ready to have their fawns

Another fox


I wish the quality of the last 2 were better, but alas, it was almost pitch black and I'm lucky I got anything at all. I'll be saving forever for a camera with better low light capabilities and a really good zoom lens.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

21st April 2010

Another day/evening spent on the chase. In the afternoon we went to see if we could find a fox den that we know had 4 cubs about a week ago. We found the den but didn't stay as it as 3.15pm and we figured they would be napping. My eldest boy & I went back at about 7pm, (partly to find my glasses which had been dropped while we were there...d'oh!) we sat for a while a nice distance away but did not see any cubs. We did see some deer and then a little later, we saw a fox in one of the top carparks as one of the regulars we see over the chase had put meat out for it! Thanks Pat, it made a great photo opportunity! All in all, a good evening, lots of pics, a lovely sunset and I found my glasses!