Sunday, 25 April 2010


Yesterday we spent a good portion of the day at our allotment, which is a stones throw from the swag end of Chasewater. When it came to the little ones naps time, I plonked him in his pushcahir and we went for a wonder.

Continuing on the theme of lost things...

A day of lost things...part 3

The main lake has had to be drained for vital repair work to the dam wall. I found this growing on what was the lake bed

New life at the bottom of Chasewater

Beautiful mummy to be, she has a clutch of 6 eggs in her nest. Fingers crossed the yobbo's don't trash her nest this year.

I had been told that there were red deer in the area, but had never seen them until yesterday.

'Scuse me.. am I boring you?

Last of the mohicans

Came across this sweet little one on the way back to the car


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