Thursday, 22 April 2010

21st April 2010

Another day/evening spent on the chase. In the afternoon we went to see if we could find a fox den that we know had 4 cubs about a week ago. We found the den but didn't stay as it as 3.15pm and we figured they would be napping. My eldest boy & I went back at about 7pm, (partly to find my glasses which had been dropped while we were there...d'oh!) we sat for a while a nice distance away but did not see any cubs. We did see some deer and then a little later, we saw a fox in one of the top carparks as one of the regulars we see over the chase had put meat out for it! Thanks Pat, it made a great photo opportunity! All in all, a good evening, lots of pics, a lovely sunset and I found my glasses!



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