Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Just a couple from Gentelshaw that made me smile...

Apache landed on a perch that someone (obviously not me) had hung their D300 on. I just had to grab the shot seeing as that is what I shoot with!

This bird has taste!

Poor non-waterproof barn owl with her devoted volunteer


Tired tawny owl. I think we were boring her, lol!


Gentleshaw Bird of Prey Hospital & Wildlife Centre - Portaits (part 3 of 3!)

European Eagle Owl

White Faced Owl - Smurf


Mackinder Eagle Owl - Elsie


Great Grey Owl - Apache

Red Tailed Hawk - Kyla

Harris Hawk - Jilly

Back to Kyla as she was my favourite!

Gentleshaw Bird of Prey Hospital & Wildlife Centre - Portaits (part 2 of 3!)

Barn Owl

Common Buzzard - Sky

Asian Brown Wood Owl - Chip

Look at those lashes


Gentleshaw Bird of Prey Hospital & Wildlife Centre - Portaits (part 1 of 3!)

Snowy Owl

Tawny Owl - Treacle

Lanner Falcon - Blue

Gentleshaw Bird of Prey Hospital & Wildlife Centre - in flight shots

Ok. I have been meaning to post these since I took them, but it took me over a week to sort and edit the ones I liked best and most of the time I couldn't decide and so edited more than I needed to, lol!

On 19th September a group of flickrite friends & I had paid to take part in a bird of prey photography experience. I had a fantastic time. I got to spend the day with like minded friends, having a laugh and a natter, taking part in my favourite past time and seeing these magnificent birds up close and personal. The centre is run entirely by volunteers and their dedication and devotion to the birds was plain to see. The 1st part of the day was dedicated to static photos & close ups and the afternoon was were we got to try our hand at in flight shots.

I am going to break the photos down into 2 lots as the post could get unbelievably ling otherwise, lol! I will start with the inflight shots. It was harder than it looked, easier with the slower moving birds. Thanks goodness for Nikon's 3D tracking capabilities!




Not the best background, but there was going to be not such nice looking stuff in the background no matter where you stood.