Friday, 3 September 2010

1st & 2nd Sept, summer returns....albeit, breifly!

The last 2 days have been beautiful in comparison to the last 6 weeks. The boys and I made the most of the sun and went out on Tuesday to walk around a local nature reserve. I managed to find a great new location, a set of steps that are mossy. Great textures and colours to be found there. I will probably try again as the leaves start turning, see if I can get a shot of all my boys that would be suitable for holiday cards.

As my eldest boy seems to be mid growth spurt and his clothes were ill fitting, I only shot the younger 2 and am really pleased with the shots of J.

Drinking from mummys water, like a big boy!

Pleased with himself!

J at Wolseley - 244/365

J on the steps

Right after I took this shot, Jamie got kissed by a dog and after that, he wasn't in the mood for more photos, LOL!

Before the dog!


The boys playing on my FIL's bike


After this shot, we ewalked a little further up the path before bumping into a couple and their teenage son. I was asked how old SHE is and told SHE is so pretty. I couldn't be bothered to correct her as it's becoming a common occurance. Does he really look that girly? It's the hair, right? I'm not cutting the length till the curls drop out, lol!


And for fun, I put together this story board:

When shoots go bad


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