Tuesday, 3 November 2009

DIY Maternity shots: July 2008

Posted July 2008

As this is the last time I plan on being pregnant, I would really love some nice looking maternity shots (although my belly pics are ok, they aren't "all that"!), but really can't afford to pay someone to do a shoot or even known anyone nearby interested in photography.

So today i decided to have a quick go at some DIY maternity shots. I had a look on google and flickr for some inspiration for shots that I could realistically manage at home and while the kids backs were turned for 10 minutes this afternoon, had a quick go! I know they aren't spectactualr, but they turned out better than perhaps I had hoped. I do find the curtain framing my head in the first pic rather annoying! I will be hoping to try some more ideas soon, so watch this space!





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