Tuesday, 3 November 2009

My older 2 boys on a gorgeous autumn day: Oct 2009

Posted October 2009

They were busy climbing some great old tree's, but I couldn't resist a few pics and took the opportunity to practice with my OCF again.

C is a tiny bit soft in this, shame as it's a lovely pic of him. It was hard to hold the camera steady while balance precariously on a branch opposite him. I was worried about falling off with my camera!

C in a tree

The amazing, non smiling JJ (roll eyes)

JJ tree climbing

My current fave of J

And just a snap I took, but really loved (yep, darn mama goggles are stuck firmly on, lol!) I really should crop this slightly, but like the lens flare and LOVE the way the sun caught his eyelashes.

Like mother, like son!


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