Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Open University Final Panel: Oct 2009

Posted October 2009

This is the panel of 10 images I used in my final submission, which was submitted in July

B&W maternity self portrait

portrait of my eldest

I'm soooo done

Cornet valves



water drop macro

HDR again, less red

Sunset silhouete

The results came out in Sept 09 and this s the breakdown:

Result: 88% overall

Panel feedback received 24th September.

Visual Awareness: Excellent

Your panel shows a great variety of subjects, all of which are excellent examples of your creativity. I am a fan of close-ups, so I particularly enjoyed (4), (5), (6) and (7). In image (4) you have captured very well the beauty of the maufactured object; the out of focus sheet of music leaves one in no doubt. The tight framing, and use of a diagonal arrangement for the valves take the image well beyond the confines of a "record shot". Your landscapes show good handling of light forms and composition.

Technical quality: Excellent

All your images are excellent from a technical point of view, exhibiting correct exposure and depth of field. You seem to believe in tight framing - a technique that is particularly appropriate in images (2) and (5).

Written component: well achieved

Q3 was an excellent description of your technical prowess, but Q2 would have benefited from more details of the creative process, while your answer to Q4 needed to concentrate on an image with more wrong with it! A dilemma really - do you choose an image which lets down the panel, just to have something to write about for Q4.

I am really very happy with my results.


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