Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Autumn has arrived: Oct 2009

Posted October 2009

Yesterday I spent most of the day on the Chase with the boys. It was one of those gloriously sunny & mild autumn days, they kind you really have to make the most of because you don't get many in the UK. Yesterday I took a mix of pics, some of the older boys, some of deer and the views and nature surrounding us. There really was some spectacular light yesterday, I just hope I am getting better at seeing it. I will post the boys pics in a new thread otherwise this thread will get long...FAST

Mother feeding fawn

Tender moment between mother & fawn

Stag in the heather

Close up of stag in the heather

2 stags in the heather!

We fell really lucky with the following group of deer. The baby was asleep and we were walking down a path we had never been down before when we came across an older couple, both wearing camo jackets and the man had a bag of nuts. He asked the bopys if they has seen any deer and we told him we hadn't seen many and he told us he would call them for us. He told us to stand behind a fallen log, from where you could look out onto a flat grassy patch. I could not believe it when the man walked onto the grassy patch, was scattering the nuts on the grass while calling "come on then, come and get it"! He told me he had been feeding the deer for years and they knew who he was. Within 2 minutes the deer all started coming out of the clearing. They were a bit nervous given that the didn't recognise me or the boys and my camera's shutter makes a noise, but eventually a few couldn't resist the temptation so put up with us taking photos. It was an amazing experience. I totally cheated and put the camera in auto so I wasn't having to mess with the controls, lol!

Young buck


Mother & daughter



Gorgeous autumn light on the Chase

Almost sunset


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