Friday, 4 February 2011

Surreal day yesterday!

Yesterday went the same way most Thursdays go, running around like a blue arsed fly and spending a precious few hours alone with Zack while the boys are busy with Grandma. I dropped the older 2 off, then took Zack for a walk around a local wildlife trust nature reserve (could have gone to Ironbridge, but seems my invite got lost in the post. I wish I could say I'm not bothered, but yeah, I actually am, especially as it is not the 1st time this has happened. It serves to remind me of why I prefer to keep to myself, no hurt feelings that way). Anyway, I digress, lol! I was made to feel like a good parent by some random stranger, who told me that he wished more parents would spend quality time with their kids and get them interested in nature & the outdoors. That made me feel great, so I went about the rest of my day. My husband comes home later on to tell me that his new sales rep has a husband who is an author. He is about to have his 1st book published and wondered if I could help him with his book cover. I think my jaw hit the floor. I'm waiting on a few more details, but I am excited to try and help. Then a few hours later the phone rings, it's 9pm so I was expecting family or maybe my best friend. No, it was another random stranger who got my number from the friends that I did the band shoot for a couple of months ago. He wants some band shots too. After chatting for a while and arranging a meet up before the shoot, he told me that I could go and try my hand a gig photography as they practice every Friday and often have the who rig set up, backdrop, lighting, the lot. Sounds like the perfect way to practice to me, lol!

Now, how to convince hubby that I really need that 24mm fast prime? LOL!


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