Monday, 28 February 2011

February 2011

Well, I've been naughty in not keeping up, but as it's been a short month, it won't take too long to catch up on.

On Saturday 12th February I took part in a charity abseil to raise funds for the Children's Heart Appeal. I will post photos from that in a seperate thread.

I have my 2nd band shoot on Thursday. They want raunchy but classy......... I admit so far I am drawing a blank so will most likely fly by the seat of my pants, lol! I think where I am drawing blanks is that they want a white backdrop but all the ideas I have would probably work better on black. Thankfully I reckon they will have lots of ideas themselves and if nothing else, we will have fun. My hubby was good enough to buy me a second hand Tamron 17-50 2.8. Lovely lens it is too.

On Sunday I am going to the focus on imagining show at the NEC in Birmingham. I MUST NOT BE TEMPTED TO BUY ANYTHING! LOL! I really want to go just to look at everything and maybe try some of it out, hold it in my hands, get ideas of things to put on my ever growing wish list, lol!

I also have a shoot next Thursday for the niece of a friend. She wants some glamour shots for a portfolio, I have the space to set up a decent sized "studio" as well as have a backdrop and 2 softboxes. So there will be 3 of us (all friends) taking various shots of the young lady for her portfolio. Hopefully this way she will get lots of variety and the benefit of different editing styles, we will get the practice, get some shots for our own portfolios and have a laugh at the same time.

I will post all the photos in seperate threads, as I also had a trip to the butterfly farm in Stratford, and it will make it easier to keep them all together.


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