Friday, 18 June 2010

2 year anniversary post!

This is bound to get very long, but I thought I would share my photography journey over the last 2 years (basically from when I got my bridge camera, even though I enjoyed taking photos before that)

Here are a few of my favourite shots using various camera over the last 9 years or so.




And 2 I had made into canvases



For my 30th birthday in June 2008 I got a bridge camera, a Panasonic Lumix DCM-FZ8. I thought it was the bomb!

June 2008: One of the 1st photos I took with it. Loving the blown spots & lack of composition, amongst many other errors.


July 2008: I moved on to trying to get nice portraits of my 2 boys.

What do you mean kids are supposed to have 2 ears?

Jamie & his puss eyes. Despite the faults, this is still a favourite of mine.
Jamie's "puss" eyes!

The selective colouring right of passage! Thank goodness it lasted no more than a few days, lol!

My try at candid portriture, digging the sepia and totally blown background!

I was pregnant with my 3rd baby, so had a go at a maternity portrait at 26 weeks, DIY style! I had no remote so it was all done with the timer.

Nov 2008: I joined ILP in August 2008 and read lots but practiced little. My 3rd baby arrived in Nov and I had a new model to play with! I so wish I had asked a professional to do his newborn shots :( At least I had a new camera, a DSLR. I was the proud owner of a Konica Minolta Dyanx 5D, kit lens & 70-210 zoom.


Lobster baby!!


Feb 2009: I then wanted a mother & baby shot, again I had to do this myself. At least by this time I had a remote release and enlisted the help of my eldest to press the shutter button! I was really pleased with this but got told that I was far too close to the background.


Trying out some B&W conversions
portrait of my eldest

April 2005: DS3's 5 month portrait. What. was. I. thinking? I obviously wasn't thinking!

May 2009: I practiced lots over the next month to get ready for ds3's 6 month portraits. I even got a 50mm f1.7 prime lens & a basket. Baby in a basket makes me a photographer right?! What do you mean he's magenta?


Tried more props, people mentioned the crotch sniffing dog more than my cute baby

He's had enough, but I still LOVE this shot.

It had to be done!

August 2009: Z turned 9 months. I was really happy with the session

When I grow up, I want to be just like my Daddy!

October 2009: I started playing with OCF outdoors. Like the green cast in his hair?
Nearly right.

Flash, backlighting and tree climbing all in 1 shot!
My current fave of J

November 09: DS3 turned 1! 1st birthday portrait & cake smash

Cake Smash

Christmas 2009, made my own cards!
Merry Christmas from my family to yours

Jan 2010: Downloaded the LR 3 beta and messed around with some photos. Couldn't get to grips with it then, but have decided to give it another try this week.
Messing with lightroom

Had a go a a proper, grown up SP.
Me - Irish breakfast tea action

My 1st attempt at a head swap. Just wish this were sharper.
J in snow re-edit

Feb 2010 started with another self portrait, I am so proud to have been able to nurse my babies and am proud to be an extended nurser. This was taken with no help, just a shutter release and timer.
Extended nursing is GREAT!

My gorgeous baby!

Another SP (I must seem like I love myself, lol!) I recently got shortlisted in a photographer of the year competition with this shot.
All by myself

To end, some of my most recent portrait stuff. I have pretty much moved away from portraiture as my kids are sick of my camera and apart from my eldest, are not great ages to photograph, especially the youngest, he's 19 months!

crop B&W

Celebrating my little miracle

This last shot was taken last weekend, I was trying out my new gorilla pod and using the timer. This was the very 1st shot taken this way, I'd been wanting to get a family shot, was planning on a studio set up, but I do like this.

Family portrait!  164/365

Phew, if you made it this far I applaud you! I hope in another 2 years time I will look back and cringe at my current recent photos. I'm sure it can be seen that I still have a lot to learn and work on, like clean processing, colour casts, skin tones etc. I will get there in the end!


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Great job! I love seeing your progress! TFS!

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I enjoyed seeing your progress... Im still very new to all of this but even looking at my pictures a few months back I can see differences and cring at my earlier shots that I thought were good :)

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