Tuesday, 19 January 2010

We've been published!!

18/365 - We were excited to receive our complimentary copy of the book that used an old, but favoured photo of Jamie as a baby. Hard to believe that the little scrap in that bed is the same child as the boy holding the book. He's my little hero!

We've been published!

Back story: J was born on time after a nice boring pregnancy. He has been under a hospital since he was 2 weeks old for various reasons, prolonged jaundice, UTI's, failure to thrive, severe eczema. He was quite a sickly baby but no-one could put their finger on why despite being hospitalised twice for tests and investigations. In the end it was decided to send his to Birmingham Children's hospital to be seen by their heart unit as he had a murmur. At 9 months he was diagnosed with a "significant heart defect" and he had open heart surgery a week later. The pic used in the book was taken the day after his surgery.

He's been doing great heart wise ever since. Fingers crossed for his next appt in April! Sure, he has lots of other little quirks, food allergies (starting to grow out of some...yay!) and speech delays, but he is mine and I love him, quirks and all. I thank my lucky stars EVERY SINGLE DAY as I know far too many people who's children have not been so lucky : (

The pic was chosen when I had attached it to a post on a charity forum I use. The editor of the book saw the photo and asked if she could possibly use it for the book, asked that I got J's permission. I gave verbal & written permission. I am more than happy for the pic to be used (no matter how much it makes me cry every time I look at it) as the book is designed to be given to parents who have received a new diagnosis for their child or during their pregnancy by the hospital. It is available to buy through the charity too.


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