Saturday, 2 January 2010

Christmas Eve on the Santa Steam Train

We took the boys to Kidderminster to take them on the Severn Valley Railways Santa steam special, a steam train that goes from the station at Kidderminster, via Bewdley to Arley, where passengers disembark and go and see Santa. We have dine this a couple of times now but not for the last 4 years or so. Since Z was a little bit older, we decided to go again as we love the atmosphere and it's a good way to while away several hours on Christmas eve when the kids would drive us mad otherwise!!

Our opted for the 11.45 departure. We managed to get into a private compartment, which is always a nice added touch. We then watched the train from the bridge for a while when we got off, then got some roasted chestnuts to eat in the queue. A brass band plays Christmas music while you wait. Then you see Santa. Zack was fine until we sat him on Santa's lap, lol! They boys got their gifts and then we decided to mooch around. We walked down to the river, over the bridge and back again before getting the next available train.

It was a good excersise in remembering that snapshots are just as acceptable as portraits and will probably be they pics I look back on in years to come when the boys have grown and left home.

Z on the train


On the train

C on the train

Arley - Severn Valley Railway

Waiting to see Santa

My boys and Santa


The boys


Santa steam train

Tired boy


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