Friday, 5 November 2010

Bradgate Flickrmeet - The fallows

On Sunday 31st October, a local flickr group that I am part of had a meet up at Bradgate Park in Leicester. We went with the hopes of seeing a bit of rutting, and hopefully see the red deer stags. Things did not look too promising on the drive over, it was very foggy & misty. It wasn't so bad at the park, but certainly still dull and a bit misty. That has never stopped me before though, lol!

A scenic shot, complete with mist.

First, we came across the fallow deer. These 2 chaps were rutting (clashing antlers)


This deer was quite naughty. He smelled the bread and made a beeline for this man. The deer should not be fed or they have to be shot, they are still wild animals..... despite what some may think.

Om nom nom

Possibly albino or leucisitc fallow buck. I am pretty certain his eyes were not pink, meaning he is leucistic.

Are you looking at me?


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