Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Local & wild Red deer

Where I live are an awful lot of fallow deer, some sika & muntjac and a small herd of red deer. I finally found them about 2 weeks ago but I think I missed their rut :(

Naturally I wanted to get closer, damn you for not being a 500mm lens! I crept quite close before he finally noticed me. I'm surprised he couldn't hear my heart hammering! I'm also surprised this turned out I was shaking so bad! I only had a 200mm lens and this is NOT a crop. Now imagine how close I was to those antlers!

I started to feel very panicky when he suddenly sniffed the air and stood up straighter......


Thankfully he wasn't sure what to make of the camera clicking and walked away

Was just about to leave (as little legs fell into a puddle, lol!) when this young chap appeared as if by magic.


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